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POLISHED STEEL - Premium soda makers, made from stainless steel

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POLISHED STEEL - Premium soda makers, made from stainless steel

Fast shipping from our US warehouse!

Compatible with SODA STREAM blue & Soda Sense Screw in co2 Cylinders

Classic and timeless

Introducing the MonTen Soda Polished Steel Sparkling Water Maker – a beacon of refinement. Crafted from marine-grade stainless steel, meticulously polished to perfection, this appliance radiates sophistication. Included is a 900ml BPA-free PET plastic bottle with a stainless steel base, ensuring durability with a two-year lifespan. Elevate your hydration ritual with MonTen Soda Polished Steel – where impeccable design meets lasting quality, and each bubble is a testament to timeless elegance.

All Sparkling Water Makers come with free shipping! Your order will be dispatched within 3-5 business days from the date you place the order.
Compatible with standard screw in 60L CO2 cylinders like Sodastream blue cylinders (not compatible with clip in type like Sodastream Pink cylinders) Accordion image
Beyond the sleek design, this hydration hero has also been designed to take up minimal room so you can enjoy more precious kitchen space. Inclusive of a 900ml bottle which is easy to use and clean. 1 x Soda maker 1 x 900ml bottle
Monten soda makers are made from high quality stainless steel. You can see and feel the premium quality of our machines. (unlike those plastic machines out there) Our bottles have a life span of 2 years and can be recycled at the end of their life.

Height: 44cm
Width : 14cm
Depth: 30cm
No Messy Cords required!

Simply press the top button, carbonate just once for a little bit of bubbles and up to three times for lots of bubbles! Watch the full how to video here

Fast shipping from our US warehouse. Orders placed by midday, will be dispatched same day. Orders placed after midday will be dispatched the follow day. Delivery time: 1 – 5 days
Fast Shipping
12 Month replacement warranty
Save Plastic
Cheaper than bottled soda

Expertly Designed Countertop Charm

The Sparkling Water Maker is more than just a beautiful addition to your countertop. It's also a practical and convenient way to enjoy sparkling water at home or in the office. With its easy-to-use push button, you can enjoy a refreshing glass of sparkling water whenever you want, without the need for bottles or cans.


Effervesce with Ease

1 soda maker can save thousands
of single use plastic bottles!

Customer Reviews

Based on 141 reviews
Love that matte white.

Looks so great in my kitchen. Love the look

Gina D'Onofrio
Sparkling success

Great looking machine, easy to use, efficient and friendly service

Bev Davis

Very pleased with my purchase. Very sleek & fits into my kitchen so well.

Karl Delmenico
Great product

Very happy, stylish and easy to use.

Dianne Aldridge

So happy with our soda maker and bottles. Couldn’t be better!

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