Reduce plastic waste

Monten Soda enables you to make healthier, more environmentally friendly sparkling water beverages, sodas and more without the abundant plastics and trips to the grocery store. Not only is your stomach going to love it, we know our landfills and oceans will love it too.


Our Mission

At Monten Soda, we’re making it our mission to end single use plastics and inspire our community to consider how everyday habits can change the narrative. By empowering others to make a difference - in a way that tastes great and is beneficial for their health - we hope to see a greater shift towards an eco-friendly future.


Together, we're cleaning up the planet.

MonTen Soda donates portion from every sale to our chosen partner Sungai Watch who is a non-profit organisation on a mission to stop plastic from going into the oceans by cleaning our rivers.

More than 80% of plastic pollution in the ocean comes from rivers and streams and Indonesia ranks as the 2nd largest polluter to the oceans after China. Last year Sungai Watch removed a massive 535,246kg of non-organic waste from polluting our rivers and oceans!


The lifecycle

of plastics

Plastic Bags

20 years

Coffee Cup

30 years

Plastic Staw

200 years

Plastic Toothbrush

500 years

6-Pack Plastic Rings

400 years

Plastic Cup

450 years

Plastic Water Bottle

450 years

Coffee Pods

500 years

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